Ruben Safir R.Ph

1163 East 15th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11230


Highlights: 20 years professional service as a Pharmacist, both retail and institutional setting. Served in the US Army for 8 years. Advanced Computing Skills, and training. Proven track record of reliability.

Retail Pharmacy:

March 2010 – until present:
Supervising Pharmacist
Kensington Pharmacy
309 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Established new pharmacy from scratch for ownership who had no pharmacy experience. Succeeded in getting licenses, NYS Medicaid on the first attempt, filling in new inventory, creating promotions, establishing protocols, hiring staff, gaining Medicare B through Palmetto and National Clearing House accreditation, maintaining vendor relations, training staff and ownership with regard to regulatory processes and business management.

2008 – 2010
Staff Pharmacist
County Pharmacy
580 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Staff Pharmacist specializing in Medicare Accreditation, Inventory Control, and Pharmacy Special Projects, along with normal pharmacist duties

1984 – 2008
Staff Pharmacist – Part Time and Full Time
Karson Pharmacy
2304 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210

Part Time and Full Time Pharmacist and Pharmacist Intern staffing for 24 years for a small store doing 60-120 prescriptions a day and DME.

June 1995 - December 1997
Staff Pharmacist
Medical Arts – Full-Time
55th Street and New Utretch Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11223

Staff Pharmacist

June 1994 – June 1995

Staff Pharmacist - Full-Time

Spectrum Pharmacy

18th Avenue and Mcdonold Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11223

Floating and Part Time Additional Ad-Hoc Work in Retail Chains:

November 2005 – June 2006

Floating Pharmacist


Across Manhattan – Largely on the Upper West Side

Floated and did ad hoc over night Pharmacist duties as Rite-Aid was going through restructuring of their management.

January 2004 – June 2004

Floating Pharmacist


Worked Overnights in Flatbush and Crown Heights. Recruited from Echerds as they were going out of business.

September 2003 – January 2004

Floating Pharmacist


Brooklyn and Queens

Floated in the 5 boroughs of NYC as Eckerds was going through multiple changes and suffered a severe pharmacist shortage. Eventually they were sold to Brooks and most locations closed.

Institutional Pharmacist Experience:

June 2006- September 2008

Winston Staffing

345 Lexington Avenue


Worked Full-Time in several Hospitals in New York City, working nearly every extra hour that could be picked up, usually working between 60 – 80 hours a week. I worked Sterile Products, Pyxis systems, Seamens Order Entery, TPN's, Controls, Crash Carts, and Unit Dose systems. I'm familiar with almost all Hospital IT systems, and was critical to helping many of these institutions to get themselves back on their feet when they were losing much of their staff. I trained much of their staff and worked performed all necessary clinical functions, trained staff on sterile products and oversaw Pharmacy Technicians.

1990 – 1992

Bronx Veterans Administration Medical Center – Full-Time

Bronx, NY

Staff Pharmacist who worked with Surgical supplies and nursing homes including Unit Dose Prescriptions

Performed TPN triple mix manufacturing, IV injection, supervised Pharmacy Technicians

1980 – 1988

United States Army – Active Duty and Reserve

Pharmacy Technician, and trained extensively with institutional Pharmacy Practice.

Computer Software Design, Network Administration and Training:

2000 – Present:

CEO and Chief Technology Officer of NYLX - Part-Time



Organized NYLXS as a non-profit Free Software Training and Educational Institution in 2000. Computer related tasks included establishing their web presence with Apache, Mod_Perl, and Embperl. I run their mailing lists, originally with sendmail and majordomo, but switched to postfix and majordomo in 2008. Teach courses in Perl, C, C++, Linux systems administration, Apache and some PHP.

December 2000 – September 2003

Chief Technology Officer

Brooklyn Linux Solutions

1600 East 17th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11230

CEO and Chief Technology Company with 8 employees. Set up small business networks, Telephony, email services with Sendmail and Postfix, popmail, and ecommerce. Created SAMBA local networks and TCP-IP networks with linux based firewalls. Created customized software with GTK, C and Perl.

December 1997 - September 2000

Manager of Programming and Intranet Serives

NYU College of Dentistry

25th Street and 1st Avenue

NY, NY 10010

Manager of Intranet and Software Development and Project Manager.

Wrote numerous database driven Web programs using DBI, ModPerl and Perl.

Installed and imported the clinical database to Oracle On Red Hat Linux.

Ported an Intranet Site from a Windows95 environment to Unix, fixing links using SED and Perl.

Ported a DOS medical database from a flat binary Database to MYSQL RDMS using Perl. As the old database is still being used live, the port has to be repeated on a daily basis.

Educational Background:

1980: US Army: Pharmacy Technician School, EMT Combat Medic School, San Antonio, Texas

January 1983 - Sept 1988 – Long Island University Bachelors of Pharmacy – Graduated 1988

September 1995 – February 1996 – Long Island University Pharmaceutics Ph.D programming. Ph.D still pending

April 1996 - Oct 1996 – Cope Institute: Programming course in UNIX Programming, Shell Scripting, SQL, embedded SQL in C and Oracle.

September 1997 - January 1998 – NYU School of Continuing Education: C++ and Unix Programming

June 1999 – Oracle University – DBA Training System Configuration, SQL Plus, PL/SQL

2010 – Immunization Accreditation for Pharmacist Provided Vaccinations.